Ten Reasons Why Drinking Smoothies Will Change Your Life!

Let me guess, you’re here because you’re looking for a way to bring yourself out of a rut and change your life? Good news – you already have! By taking this step, you’ve already pushed the dominoes that will lead to a better lifestyle. Through this blog, we’re going to talk about several  #SmoofiiLovers who were at the same place you are in life and hopefully, impart knowledge and information that will turn you into a #SmoofiiLover too!

Our first #SmoofiiLover is Determined Derek. He always struggled with adapting to a healthy balanced lifestyle, falling off the wagon several times. After attempting many different unsuccessful diets, he was determined to find a better and easier way to lead a healthier, nourishing life. That’s when he discovered these benefits of drinking smoothies:

  1. Aids in Weight Loss – If you’re wondering how to lose weight without the need to skip meals, look no further. Smoothies are the best addition to your diet if you’re trying to lose a few pounds, along with a regular regimen of exercise. Adding fiber and proteins to your smoothie can help in keeping your cravings at bay. The enzymes in several fruits can dissolve body fat and facilitate digestion. Just ask James – he has seen an improvement in his weight loss journey after adding smoothies to his diet.
  1. Benefits Overall Physical Health – The high level of nutrients and vitamins in smoothies can be beneficial for people struggling with maintaining normal nutrient levels that put them at risk of deficiencies or make them more susceptible to certain diet-related diseases. Smoothies are great for countering mineral deficiencies and can boost the level of micronutrients in your body. With the right combination of ingredients, smoothies can be superb immune-boosters!
  1. Energy Booster – Adding spicy ingredients like cayenne pepper, ginger and so on, to your smoothie can be a great way to boost your metabolism levels and burn calories upto 10 hours after consumption. Not only will this improve energy levels, but it will also aid in muscle gain and decrease the hunger signals that your body sends to your brain.
  1. Look Younger – Rich smoothies bursting with minerals, vitamins and micronutrients can be great for your hair health and help clear up your complexion. Food containing carotenoids are great for protecting the skin from UV rays and achieving healthier and younger-looking skin, which is why it’s essential to load up your smoothie with lots of fruits and vegetables. You won’t need to frantically look up “how to get bright and glowing skin” the night before an important event if you make healthy smoothies a part of your regular diet.
  1. Keeps You Hydrated – If you, like our beloved #SmoofiiLover Derek, don’t drink enough water during the day, then you’re bound to run out of energy, feel dizzy or groggy. But a glass of smoothie in the morning can go a long way in replenishing the loss of water caused in your body during sleep or in general, during the day to stay fit and concentrate better.
  1. Quick and Easy – Smoothies are so easy to make and drink on the go, it’s the perfect option if you don’t have enough time in the mornings. Since switching to smoothie-breakfasts, Determined Derek gets an extra 20 minutes to laze around in bed and he couldn’t be more grateful. Not just that, hardly any effort goes behind cleaning up after yourself since you don’t have to actually cook anything.
  1. Affordable – Making smoothies at home is more cost-efficient than buying caffeinated drinks outside and can give you a wake-up boost that lasts throughout the day. You don’t need fancy blenders to make smoothies, nor do you need expensive ingredients since you can find most fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices at your nearest grocery store. You can also reduce your cost further by buying frozen fruits and vegetables as most don’t lose their nutrients and can be stored for a long time.
  1. Endless Variety – If you aren’t already convinced, consider this—there is theoretically an endless variety of different smoothies you can have, with an infinite number of variations on the types and proportions of nuts, vegetables, fruits, oats and spices so you’ll never truly be bored! You can pick a different mix of ingredients every day depending on your mood, your desire or your health condition. If it is winter and you want to boost your immune system, you can focus on ingredients with a larger amount of vitamin C for instance. For Determined Derek, half the fun is in picking out different ingredients and trying various combinations for his smoothies.
  1. Delicious – Arguably the best part of adding this healthy option to your diet is the deliciousness! With so many options and combinations available, you’ll undoubtedly find a few that suit your needs just right and don’t leave you grimacing like you would with a boring salad or soup. Smoothies are definitely a delicious healthy alternative for junk food. Take the time to train your taste buds by starting with sweeter fruits before working your way up to green vegetables and other superfoods.
  1. Better Lifestyle – Smoothies can help repair a detrimental sleep cycle, support your metabolism, aid better digestion, and improve your brain power. Experts at the WHO (World Health Organisation) recommend a minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, to help your body fight communicable diseases, as well as avoid and alleviate micronutrient deficiencies which can lower immunity. And smoothies are one way to achieve this goal! Determined Derek is unabashedly living his best and happiest life, and with a small shift in your diet, so could you!

Now that you know the amazing health benefits of drinking smoothies, we hope you adopt them into your diet and start noticing a positive change in your lifestyle! On that note, let’s highlight our #SmoofiiLover Determined Derek’s favourite smoofii: FOCUS

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