Smoothies Vs Protein Shakes – What’s Better For You?

One cardinal rule of losing weight, becoming healthier or selecting a more balanced diet is to “drink more”. Now don’t get too excited because this drinking solely refers to drinking copious amounts of water, juices, smoothies and protein shakes. Liquid diets are so popular because they’re easy to prepare, easily digestible and most of the time, taste great. One person who is a huge fan of liquid diets is this week’s #SmoofiiLover Confused Clyde. But why is he so confused? Well, he can’t seem to decide which option is better for a healthy diet – smoothies or protein shakes. Let’s clear things up for him, shall we?

The first step would be to explain the difference between smoothies and protein shakes because as opposed to what a lot of people believe, they’re actually two different things. Smoothies are thick because of the blend of several vegetables and fruits whereas protein shakes usually contain protein powder and something creamy. Protein shakes have more artificial flavours like chocolate, vanilla, caramel, peanut butter, etc. while smoothies usually have natural fruit or vegetable flavours. Smoothies are best for pre-workout consumption while protein shakes are more post-workout drinks.

Pros And Cons of Drinking Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are usually made with protein powder or some kind of supplement blended with water or creamy beverages. They’re great for shedding a few pounds if you’re looking to lose weight as they are super filling and can curb cravings for a long time after they’re consumed. They also reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases and help control your blood pressure levels.

Protein is so essential for muscle growth which is why protein shakes are preferred by athletes and other people whose favourite form of exercise is strength training or lifting weights. They’re also a great repair for damaged muscles and tissues. Protein shakes are equally effective among men and women; however, the effectiveness may decrease with age. 


People with diet restrictions like vegetarians or vegans find it easier to increase their protein intake by drinking protein shakes. 

Like any other drink, protein shakes are extremely convenient as they are easy to make and can be consumed on the go. In fact, some could argue that they are much easier and faster to make than smoothies.

Processed Powder

Most protein powders don’t only contain one substance such as a pure protein source but rather have many different substances added to enhance flavour, texture or nutritional value. Most of those substances are artificially created which make them harder to be processed by your body.

Also, it’s easy to mistake protein shakes for meal replacements, they do not provide the sufficient amount of antioxidants and micronutrients that you can ingest from a well-balanced meal. 

High calorie intake

When drinking protein shakes, you need to maintain a disciplined routine of exercise and weightlifting. If a high calorie intake is paired with no regularly scheduled workouts, these shakes will only increase your weight instead of helping you maintain or lose it. Protein powders can also be considered an unhealthy option as they contain artificial or added sugars and can lead to long-term side-effects. 

Pros and Cons of Drinking Smoothies

There’s no denying that’s smoothies are very convenient and easy to make as most of the ingredients are already present in our kitchens. 

Smoothies are great for boosting your fruit and vegetable intake, and fulfill the five-a-day requirement for the nutritional value present in them. But you must be careful as overindulgence can lead to a high calorie intake.

Although some of the nutrients like fiber can be pulverized during the blending process, smoothies are filled with important minerals, vitamins and other micronutrients. With smoothies, you can also expand your nutritional range by including ingredients that you wouldn’t add to your regular diet, like chia seeds, oats, spinach, flaxseeds, quinoa, kale and more.

Support your body

Smoothies are great for people who want to know how to lose weight easily without skipping meals. With the right blend of ingredients, smoothies can you feel full, satisfied and energized throughout the day. Fruit or green smoothies are much easier to digest and metabolize than solid foods, which enables you to fully absorb the nutrients.

Rich in Micronutrients

Smoothies containing almonds, chia seeds and hemp seeds can improve your skin health and give you brighter, glowing skin. Brain function can also be improved by drinking smoothies with ingredients like berries, avocados, green leafy vegetables and kiwi. Unlike protein shakes, smoothies provide you with a good amount of calcium and improve bone health.

Low carb and nutritious

Just like protein shakes, smoothies should not be considered meal replacements. There is also a danger of overconsumption with smoothies which can lead to high levels of sugar or carbohydrates in your body. But overall, Smoothies have a lower calorie count than protein shakes and are also more nutritious. 

Smoothies are the clear winners in the argument of smoothie vs protein shakes, as their pros definitely outweigh the cons. Except in cases where you need to increase your protein intake to facilitate muscle gain, smoothies are generally the healthier and better option. Hopefully, like our #SmoofiiLover Clyde you are no longer Confused and can make an educated choice for yourself. Let’s take this moment to also highlight Clyde’s favourite smoofii product_