Healthy Alternatives to Your Favourite Junk Foods

Are you someone who easily yields to temptation and can’t control their cravings for junk food? It’s not your fault! We have an innate biological desire to consume unhealthy food which is high in calories or is “energy-boosting” quite simply because it tastes better. Healthy food options always tend to lose when they are pitted against junk food because unhealthy food not only has a variety of options that satisfy your cravings, but they are also cheaper and more convenient to make. However, if you’re anything like this week’s #SmoofiiLover Determined Diana, you’re here because you no longer want to blame yourself for giving in to temptation and are looking for healthy snack alternatives. 

  1. French Fry Alternatives

If you are a huge fan of fried food especially french fries, opt for baked veggie chips or roasted sweet potato chips instead. For baked veggie chips, all you have to do is pop some carrots, sweet or regular potatoes in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes after chopping them into long, thick pieces and brushing some olive oil on top. Alternatively, roasted sweet potato chips are also very filling and provide excellent antioxidants. Just brush some olive oil or coconut oil on top and sprinkle some salt and pepper once the chips are crispy. You can also whip up a quick dip to go along with both options by mixing a garlic paste, mustard, mayo and adding a dash of lemon.

  1. Potato Chip Alternatives

One bag of regular potato chips contains more than 10 times the calorie intake of the much healthier kale chips. Using greens instead of potatoes causes your chips to have less grams of fat and more nutritional benefits, yet at the same time gives you that same delightful crunch. You can even bake the chips instead of frying them and add flavors by using olive oil, salt, pepper, vinegar, vegan cheese, paprika, garlic powder and mustard.

  1. Ice Cream Alternatives

Ice cream is not the only way to get your frozen dessert fix anymore. Skip your favorite Ben and Jerry’s in the frozen food aisle next time you go to the store and opt for a delicious frozen yogurt cup instead. You can also mix in diced fruits like strawberries, bananas, blueberries and more to the smooth yogurt to give it a kick. For the chocolate-lover in you, you can add 70% melted dark chocolate to a banana or strawberry froyo. Frozen yogurt is rich in calcium and satisfies your sweet tooth.

  1. Donut and Sweet Dough Ball Alternatives

Power balls or no bake energy balls are an amazing fix for any of your donut, cannoli or other fried sweets cravings. You can use peanut butter, almond butter, vegan chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, honey and maple syrup to make delicious energy balls that you don’t even need to bake, just refrigerator for a few hours before enjoying your healthy dessert alternative.

  1. Cake Alternatives

Banana bread or banana cakes are so delicious, you’d think they were just as unhealthy as cakes but surprisingly, they’re not! All you need to do is ensure you use the healthiest options for the ingredients. For instance, you can use unrefined oil like coconut or olive oil instead of butter. You should also skip the white sugar and use natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup which offer some good nutrients. And of course, don’t forget to use whole wheat flour for the banana bread.

  1. Alcohol or Soda Drink Alternatives

The worst thing you can do for your kidneys and sugar levels is consume a lot of cocktails or fizzy soft drinks. They’re also an easy way to gain unhealthy weight very quickly. Choose to drink fresh fruit juices or chilled lime water instead. These alternatives provide a lot of vitamins and mineral, and improve your digestive system.

  1. Milkshake or Thick Shake Alternatives

Our list would not be complete without giving you the best alternative for a yummy, creamy milkshake which is a delicious tall glass of frozen fruit or vegetable smoothie. Smoothies are filled with micronutrients that are extremely good for your body and health. Smoothies help with dehydration and risk of diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. They also help maintain a healthy sleep cycle and provide calcium and fiber. Skip added sugar and choose to add natural sweeteners to your smoothies.