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Yes and No. When you order on Monday, we deliver the next day on Tuesday. When you order on Tuesday, we can even deliver same day or the next day.

All orders placed after Tuesdays are delivered the following week on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Yes. Our smoothie kits are being transported frozen to ensure they arrive in perfect condition at your doorstep. Since we deliver in environmental friendly craft bags without artificial cooling agents, you or someone else you assigned has to be at home to accept the delivery. It’s best to put the smoothie kits in the freezer as soon as they arrive.

We deliver twice a week on Tuesdays between 4:30pm and 7:30 pm and Wednesdays between 8 am and 12 pm.


You’re able to securely pay for your shopping with PayPal or by bank transfer directly to our account. Both ways are an easy and fast way to pay for your smoothie kits.

No, you can purchase without an account as a Guest. If you sign up for an account, you’ll be able to save your details such as delivery/billing address or phone number for faster checkout next time. What is more, you can see your purchase history and track your order in the “My Account” section.


This is super easy. It’s best to take out the smoothie pouch 5 minutes before you want to blend it so that the ingredients started tawing and it’s easier for your blender to do its job.

In general, you just pour the frozen ingredients in the blender, add your favourite liquid, blend it – and you’re done! Ready to enjoy your healthy and delicious snack within just a few seconds.

Some of our ingredients are organic (including for example Sunflower Seeds, Dates, Brazil nuts, Limes) but not all of them. Nevertheless, we ensure that we source only high quality ingredients and are working on filling our smoothie kits with 100% organic ingredients in the future.

There is no certain type of blender that you need for our smoothies. Just a thing to keep in mind: Better blender with higher power naturally make better smoothies since they’re able to blend all ingredients nicely without the risk of leaving small bites behind.

You can use whatever type of liquid you like and feel free to experiment! We like our smoothies with various types of non-dairy milk like Almond-, Hazelnut-, Oatmilk or just with water.

Your Say

Have a quirky recipe idea stuck in your head? Want to see a specific flavour next in our range? Tell us!

We create our products to provide our customers the optimum of natural micronutrients and the best taste experience. For us at smoofii, its important what you think and like. Therefore, feel free to use the suggestion and feedback form to share with us your ideas for new recipes, feedback about current flavours or anything that comes to your mind. We ensure to listen to each and everyone. 

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