Environment & Society

Part of our identity is not only to create products that are good for people's health but also to do good for the environment and for society.

We are continuously working on ideas of how to expand our engagement. For now, this is what is already part of our strategy.

Environmental Strategy

Recycleable Pouches

Your smoothies will be packed in BPA-free 100% recycleable pouches. Thereby, non of our pouches does harm to you or the environment.

Reusing Waste

We will donate waste/scraps from our production to local farms for composting. Thereby, smoofii’s production waste gets another usage to naturally enrich the soil that grows vegetables

Local Farmers

We will buy as much of the ingredients for our smoothies as possible from farms around London. The ingredients will be delivered to us in reusable containers so that no extra waste is produced. Thereby, smoofii sources CO2-friendly and secure workplaces in and around London

Donation Programme

There are limitless ways for us giving back to society:

  • donating excess foods from our production to local food banks
  • giving away a part of our profits to charities such as ‘The Trussel Trust’, ‘FareShare’, ‘End Hunger UK’, ‘The Felix Project’, ‘FoodCycle’ and so many more.
  • financially supporting initiatives such as ‘Childrens Food Education Foundation’ that aim to reduce the risk of diet related diseases very early on

Honestly, we haven’t decided on one specific way since we have not launched our products yet but for us it is clear that everyone can do something good for society and we want to be part of it.

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