Hi there! Welcome to smoofii. We create smoothies that are truly healthy.

Healthy eating can be a real struggle – we all know this. It’s so easy and convenient to fall into bad habits when it comes to recipe research, food shopping, and preparation. Whereas we have to tell you that you won’t get superpowers after drinking one of our smoothies, we can assure you that our products contain a natural nutrition boost to help you start or keep a healthy body and mind. That’s why we say smoofii – your daily dose of micronutrients.

smoofii’s mission

Our mission is to simplify ‘5 A Day’ for everyone, making it convenient and delicious to increase your intake in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds – leaving you with more time to enjoy the other important things in life.

Our Story

Fabian, our founder, was always interested in sports and nutrition. In order to improve his fitness, he wanted to know what else his body gains from a regular diet – apart from carbs, proteins and fats. Diving deep into the science around micronutrients, he quickly found out about the countless functions vitamins and minerals have in our body.

Due to his busy daily schedule, Fabian was left with little time to prepare food to give him the full dose of micronutrients that he wanted.

Looking for a natural, quick and delicious way to increase his intake in essential micronutrients, the idea of smoofii was born.