Your daily dose of micronutrients


Only Whole Fruits & Vegetables

– No Puree, no Juice

Smoothies that support your body in staying energised, healthy and more!

Our mission

simplify '5 a day' for everyone

Fabian - Founder

Customers reviews

What do our customers say?

Excellent smoothies
High quality smoothies at a very good price. Very healthy and convenient. Delivered on time, would definitely order again!​
SHussain -
Amazing products and great customer service
I received product samples ahead of their launch date and must say the smoothies are amazing! Also the communication with Fabian and Emily was super easy and they cared for my inquiries very quickly.
Mike -

Your Benefits

Safe time & effort

No need to create recipes, buy ingredients or wash, peel, cut and portion them. It’s all done for you – ready to blend!

need targeted & Micronutrient-rich

Our smoothies are packed with an eleborate combination of micronutrients that have a purpose and target your body’s needs

Save money
& Reduce waste

No need to buy food in bulk that then may go mouldy PLUS you use up all ingredients you need for one smoothie – even less waste!

Natural & transparent

You can see what is in your smoothie! We say no to juice, puree, added sugar, preservatives or other artificial substances.


Hidden Champions - Micronutrients and Smoothies

is a book that explains why being healthy and having a balanced diet nowadays is more important than ever before, explains the function of micronutrients and showcases how micronutrients support preventing and fighting diseases, boost your cognitive abilities, improve your mood, bring your immune system to the next level, make your body stronger and so much more! Spiced up with tips and tricks about nutrition and smoothies, this book also comes along with 39 mouthwateringly-delicious smoothie recipes that you can make at home (INCL. FULL NUTRITION STATS AND PURPOSE FOR EACH SMOOTHIE)

Version for ebook

Version for phones / desktops

How it works




Put the frozen ingredients from the pouch into your blender

Add your favourite liquid – and blend

Enjoy your healthy smoothie!

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